E-Line Media is a publisher of game-based learning products and services that engage, educate and empower youth, helping to prepare them for lives and careers in the 21st century. We regular partner with leading foundations, academics, government agencies, non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs to harness the power of games for learning, health and social impact.

We are dedicated to rising the overall sector of impact games through innovative initiatives, partnerships and presentations that allow us to work with others who share our mission of empowering and educating youth and providing them with important 21st century skills and knowledge. As a for-profit, double-bottom-line company we were founded specifically with the mission of scaling research-based learning platforms in a manner that balances financial sustainability, affordability and reach to underserved communities. Our team has extensive experience in the commercial game industry and deep domain expertise in the areas of digital media and web-based services.

The E-Line Media Labs blog is a public area uniting educators, funders, policymakers, partners and others in the games for learning ecosystem. We believe that bringing together these perspectives is the most beneficial way to engage real educational change. We are modeling this blog after a lab – a place for exploration, discussion, trial and error. We encourage those who are interested in games for learning or who are participants in the space to be contributors to this site. We look forward to building it with you.